I founded Dachse in 2018 after 18 years of experience as a mechanical engineer (B Eng Mech – University of Pretoria, Government Certificate of Competency - Factories) and as a maintenance manager in a wide range of industries.

I cut my teeth as an engineer in the abrasive heavy industry steel manufacturing environment of ArcelorMittal. Steel manufacturing is an excellent school for engineers. I gained valuable experience in mechanical design, drivetrains, lifting equipment, mechanical structures, hydraulics, pneumatics, metallurgy, project management, project feasibility studies and HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) management.

I worked as a project engineer and engineering manager at ALE Heavylift. ALE is an international company operating in the superlift and super-heavy transport project environment. The skills gained there were entrepreneurship, fast reaction times, flexible engineering solutions, design skills, creativity in engineering added to the technical knowledge of super-heavy transport vehicles, superlift technologies, rigging studies and route clearance studies.

Moving on to the fast-paced FMCG manufacturing of Paarl Media, an industrial printing company, I managed multi-disciplinary technical teams. In FMCG, equipment reliability is extremely important. Stockholding is almost non-existing, and products delivered late are often worthless. I refurbished the plant’s preventative maintenance system to deliver the targeted equipment availability for production.

At Twinsaver, previously known as Nampak Tissue, I gained experience in the technology and maintenance strategies used in paper manufacturing, a large and important industry in South Africa. Twinsaver is a large, high-speed paper mill using recycled paper for its products.


“Scheepers assists our company with content development, and operates as a content expert for our engineering modules.  We value his input on our projects because he is highly knowledgeable, diligent and incredibly thorough. Best of all, he delivers on time, every time. It is a pleasure and a privilege to do business with a man of his caliber.” - Fred Duvenhage - Skills Development Solutions

“I have approached Scheepers Schoeman on several occasions regarding projects I have been busy with. He has helped me design, from the ground up, various products and given me valuable insight and guidance to put them into production. He clearly has a high level of experience and expertise in his field. Scheepers’s approach to his work is highly professional and each project was timeously delivered. It is a pleasure to work with him and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.” - Leon Pieters - Black Composites